Coal Country

What a great film!  On Thursday, March 18th, we hosted a showing of Coal Country, which is extremely informative about the effects of coal in the cradle- to the ones mining it and the people in the cities around the mining.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a definite must to see soon!  If you weren’t able to make it to the last showing, let us know and we’ll set up another one.  Thanks to Your Pie on Lumpkin for the pizzas!


Throughout the semester, we’ve been actively “postcarding”, which is standing in Tate Plaza and getting students’ and faculties’ signatures in support of fixing our coal problem.  So far, we’ve received 1000 petitions- far exceeding our goal!

However, on Wednesday, March 17, we were tabling for another cause.  EPA has proposed a new rule about better smog standards and we were getting public comments in support of this rule.  The emissions of the coal plant mix with air and create a thicker “bad ozone” which is commonly known as smog.

We decided to have a cookie party to make 300 cookies to give out to people who sign a comment.  This turned out to be a huge success, and a ton of fun for us making homemade cookies the night before!  Even though it was raining again, we received 150 comments in just 3 hours to send on to the EPA to show our support!  We tabled on Wednesday because the public comment period ended the following weekend.  Thanks to everyone that came to our table and let the big coal companies that you’re not settling with detrimental smog!

Press Conference

In support of EPA’s proposed ruling about better smog standards, we held a press conference in front of UGA’s coal plant discussing the negative effects of smog on the environment and our citizens.  We had three speakers- Amber Davis: a student at UGA and intern for UGA Beyond Coal, Alexa Shea: a local mother of two, and Morgan Fleming: an elementary school teacher.  This was a great success and extremely informative.  Amber explained the details of the proposed rule, some background about Beyond Coal, and how the two are interconnected.  Alexa gave some great insight about how the environment plays a part in child development and how detrimental bad emissions are to the growth of a child.  Morgan discussed the health of children in the elementary schools, and how absences increase due to asthma, which is sometimes caused by environment factors.

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The Big Event!

If you weren’t walking by Tate Plaza around noon on Wednesday, February 24, boy did you miss out!  The members and friends of UGA Beyond Coal put on a flash mob to Enur’s hit “Calabria 2008” choreographed by our one and only amazing Heather Hatzenbuhler.  This was a huge hit gaining tons of media attention as well as public awareness.  Although we had some rain come our way, the dance continued and we had a ball.  Check out all of the media hits!

In preparation for the flash mob on Wednesday, February 24, our members worked like crazy to make it a huge hit!

Sunday night, we did some street painting, keeping the flash mob a surprise, but gaining curiosity.

We kept the curiosity going by not adding the word “Coal” to our logo “Beyond Coal” and the next night (the night before the flash mob) completed the logo.

The posters displayed after the flash mob turned out great, thanks to everyone who helped make them! These posters read, “UGA Move Beyond Coal”

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Red & Black

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